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Moto G Pro Review

Moto has been doing wonders at the super-budget price point with the likes of the Moto G8 but if you fancy a few more luxuries without breaking the bank, the Moto G Pro is available. For under £300, the G Pro brings a clean experience and some interesting features down to an affordable price.

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What we love – Clean and lean Android One, surprising  design quality and strong camera game

Love basic Android and hate bloatware? Then Android One is for you. The certification means you get that clean install of Android and also a longer period of guaranteed updates than the majority of other phones at this price.

Android One combines with the Snapdragon 665 and 4GB RAM in this device to create an enjoyable experience – even if some more memory intensive tasks to lead to some slow down. You won’t be able to hit high settings but the G Pro can definitely run all your favourite mobile games.

The Moto G Pro gives off some serious Samsung Galaxy Note vibes, even if it does resemble the Note’s of old – which is no bad thing at this price point. The G Pro won’t be turning many heads in a good or bad way but, if you’re a fan of larger screens that sit in a simple and modern frame, then there’s plenty to like here.

The Note vibes extend to the inclusion of a stylus, a rare add-on at this low price. The stylus does what it says on the tin, it may not be as responsive as the ultra-premium S Pen but it makes the Moto G Pro an easy pick for stylus fans on a strict budget.

The camera set-up of the Moto G Pro is also surprisingly robust at under £300. The 48-megapixel main camera offers true to life photos out of the box, with swift autofocus and little effort wasted on overzealous image processing.

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Moto G Pro Review

What we don’t like – Silly secondary sensors and clingy display

Like the similarly priced Realme X50 5G, the Moto G Pro attempts to flesh out its camera capabilities with some extra lenses and it just doesn’t work. The main camera does a decent job of providing solid everyday photos and the added sensors would simply be better off not being there.

While the stylus is a pleasant inclusion, there is some getting used to it when it comes to the G Pro. Unlike more expensive devices, the Moto does less of a good job in recognising when your palm brushes the display – leading to some unwanted touches. Undoubtedly, you’ll get used to this and will have fewer mishaps but it’s worth bearing in mind.

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Moto G Pro is an alternative budget pick for those interested in getting a stylus device for under £300 and prefer not to be hassled by the bloatware that can often come with Android devices. From a solid main camera to a pleasing design and decent performance, the Moto G Pro won’t disappoint the budget-conscious.

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