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Moto G5 Plus vs G4 Plus: What’s new?

Moto G5 Plus vs G4 Plus: What’s the difference between the new Moto G5 Plus, Motorola’s great-value 2017 smartphone, and last year’s Moto G4 Plus? We compare the rumoured specs of the G5 Plus with the G4 Plus, to see what’s changed.

The upcoming Moto G5 Plus is one of the most exciting smartphones of 2017, even before its official UK launch. After all, the Moto G range is known for offering strong value for money, bringing premium features such as dependable cameras and gorgeous Full HD displays to a much more affordable price point.

So how does the new Moto G5 Plus stack up against 2016’s Moto G4 Plus, according to those leaked specs? Here’s our full Moto G5 Plus vs Moto G4 Plus comparison review, taking a look at whether existing owners are likely to upgrade to the latest Moto G model.

Moto G5 Plus vs G4 Plus: Specs

Phone Moto G4 Plus Moto G5 Plus
Screen size 5.5-inch 5.5-inches
Screen resolution 1920×1080 1920×1080
Fingerprint sensor? Yes Yes
OS Android 6.1 (to be updated) Android 7.0 Nougat
Processor Snapdragon 617 Snapdragon 625
Memory 4GB 4GB
Storage 16GB 32GB
microSD? Yes Yes
Battery 3000mAh 3080mAh
Rear camera 16MP 13MP
Front camera 5MP 5MP

Moto G5 Plus vs G4 Plus: Design

The Moto G5 Plus will once again be a mighty 5.5-inch mobile if the early leaks are correct, although that’s pretty much where the similarities between this handset and last year’s G4 Plus end.

For a start, the basic plastic finish of the G4 Plus has been replaced with a sleek and sexy metal design. It’s a two-piece slab of aluminium if the rumours are right, with curvy edges to make the phone comfortable to clutch. That should give the latest Moto G smartphones a more premium feel than the 2016 models.

Leaked photos seem to suggest that the new Moto G5 Plus won’t be as wide as the G4 Plus, which may make one-handed use a little easier.

Moto G5 Plus vs G4 Plus: Features

When it comes to specs, the Moto G5 Plus doesn’t seem to be a massive leap from the G4 Plus.

You once again get a 5.5-inch Full HD screen which should be a great way to take in movies or blast through games on the move. Performance is provided by a Snapdragon 625 chipset, which is a simple step up from the Snapdragon 617 packed inside the Moto G4 Plus. Besides the increased clock speed and refined GPU, the 625 also gives you 4K video capture support. But for everyday use, the Moto G5 should provide the same smooth-if-not-quite-blazing performance.

The Moto G5 Plus should come with 32GB of storage space, compared to the meagre 16GB in the original. And as before, it’s expandable via microSD.

As for camera tech, the Moto G5 Plus sports a scaled-down 13-megapixel snapper compared with the 16-megapixel camera of the original Moto G4 Plus.

However, we’re still expecting a very capable mobile shooter packing Phase Detection Autofocus and laser autofocus. You should be able to capture detailed photos in almost any conditions, making it an enticing prospect for the price. And as mentioned before, the Moto G5 Plus will most likely be able to record 4K UHD video, unlike the G4 Plus.


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