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Moto G6 Play Tips: Get started with the budget Moto phone

The Moto G6 Play is the most stripped-back and savings-friendly handset in Motorola’s 2018 G-series line-up. Which of course means that many of the biggest features of the standard Moto G6 and G6 Plus are missing.

Go have a squint at our G6 vs G6 Play comparison if you want to see what the main differences are. You can check it out in full in our video below.

But even though this Play handset is a bit more basic, there’s still plenty of great features stashed in there – and we’re going to run through a few of our favourites right now.

Moto G6 Play tips: customise your desktops

First up, let’s get that Moto G6 Play setup just the way you like it. Pinch your fingers together on the desktops and you can tweak the look and feel – for instance, you can easily change the wallpaper to something different, if you’re not a fan of the colour green.

You can also add new widgets from this menu, so you can check your calendar, inbox and other bits with a quick glance.

And if you dive into the settings, you can remove the likes of the Google feed and that app suggestions tab.

Moto G6 Play tips: hello, Moto

Although Motorola has left Android Oreo pretty much untouched, you do get the nifty Moto app slapped in there. This adds in some bonus features, which are well worth checking out.

For instance, Moto Key can be used to replace your website passwords with a quick scan of your fingerprint.

Moto G6 Play Tips

Moto Actions can shrink the screen to make the Moto G6 Play much easier to use one-handed. There’s also an option to take screenshots with a quick tap of three fingers. Handy when you’re trying to save information from a chat session. Or simply copy something you’ve spotted online.

And if you dive into Moto Display, you can turn on the likes of Night Display – which makes things easier on the eye at night. We also like Attentive Display, which prevents the phone from hibernating when you’re gazing at the screen).

Moto G6 Play tips: facial recognition

The Moto G6 and G6 Plus both boast Motorola’s new facial recognition tech, so you can unlock the phone with a wink and a smile. Yet this feature is sadly missing in action on the G6 Play.

All the same, you can still unlock this device with your gorgeous mug if you want. Android has its own ‘Trusted Face’ feature, which can be used as an alternative to that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Moto G6 Play Tips

Just head to the settings, and then Security & Location. Dive into the Smart Lock section and you’ll find Trusted Face inside of there. Once you have set up your face, you can then teach Trusted Face to recognise you in various guises – with glasses, week-old stubble and so on.

Note however that you’ll need to swipe the lock screen to actually unlock your handset. It doesn’t automatically bring up your desktop as soon as your face is recognised. You can thankfully still use that rear mounted fingerprint sensor with Trusted Face activated, however. So it’s best used as an alternative option.

Check out our full Moto G6 Play tips and tricks guide in the video below!


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