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Motorola confirms Moto X as next flagship phone, coming late summer

Motorola has been rumoured to be working on a “Moto X” phone for some time now, and the company finally confirmed that the handset is real during an AllThingsD interview last night. The CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, took to the stage to talk briefly about the handset, hinting at some of the features that it will bring when it’s released later this year.

Above: The Motorola RAZR HD

It wasn’t an official announcement, but at least Motorola confirmed the name. Woodside went on to detail some of the intriguing new features that we might see with the phone, which could include predictive actions. Taking the phone out of your pocket, for example, could automatically launch the camera app. But that would get really annoying if it happened every single time, right? Woodside believes that Motorola has figured out a way to make it happen only when you need it. The full audio describing the new experience can be heard at Droid-Life.

Motorola also announced that the phone would be built entirely in the USA. According to a press release, “every Moto X sold in the USA will be assembled in Fort Worth, Texas, making it the first smartphone ever assembled domestically.” Motorola is clearly taking a cue out of Google’s book – the Nexus Q was also assembled in the USA, leading to a high price tag that customers balked at. The company will still be building phones in China and Brazil as well, though.

So, we know a little more about the fabled Moto X phone, but when will it be released? Motorola says that it launch by “late summer.” We’ll have to wait for exact details regarding European availability, though, as the press release is aimed more at a US audience.


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