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Motorola Atrix: Torn apart for your viewing pleasure

As well as giving you a detailed first look at the DynaTac 8000X, we though you’d like a close-up look at another bleeding edge phone from Motorola, the Atrix.

This Motorola Atrix teardown comes courtesy of the chaps over at iFixit. Though this is a breakdown of a US-only Atrix 4G, the main internal components between this and the version that’ll arrive in the UK are more or less the same. iFixit notes that the glass cover of the Atrix’s screen is easy to replace and the battery “can be removed in seconds”.

So if your daughter drops your Atrix, or its screen shatters from extreme Arctic-levels of cold you should be able to get it repaired easily.

The Motorola Atrix is due to arrive in the UK in the next few months. We’re still waiting for an exact release date; all we know at the moment is that it’s due to arrive on Orange in the summer.

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