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Motorola Defy: Life-proof Android resists water, dust and scratches

Water, dust, scratch-resistant, the Motorola Defy has many of same features as Milestone 2 but is a lower-spec pure touchscreen version. That hi-res scratch-proof touchscreen is 3.7in, with Android 2.1 and Motoblur behind it. There’s wifi and 3G connectivity to play with, as well as Swype as standard for quick and easy text input.

As well as being able to withstand a bit of water, dust, sand or your keys in your pocket, the Defy also comes with Moto’s Crystal Talk Plus to kill background noise using two microphones. The browser comes equipped with Flash Lite for a slightly enhanced web browsing experience, although it lacks the full Flash 10.1 that its more spec-tastic twin, the Milestone 2, offers. 

Although the Motorola Defy offers some token resistance against dropping and submerging and the like, Motorola is keen to point out that it’s not “ruggedised”, so no taking a hammer to it a la the BBC. As a price for that extra protection, you are stuck with exposed screws in the body of the handset as and a slightly toy-like feel.

The Motorola Defy will be released in Q4 (sometime in October or later) so all the accident-prone phone-fans should be able to stick it on their Christmas wishlists. There’s no word of network tie-ins yet, nor information on an approximate price, but it will be available in both white and black. 


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