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Motorola developing Android alternative

Motorola Mobility has allegedly hired engineers from Adobe and Apple to work on a brand new operating system.

The web-based OS was mentioned in an interview with Deutsche Bank analyst Jonathan Golderg that ran in Information Week. “I think the company recognizes that they need to differentiate and they need options, just in case. Nobody wants to rely on a single supplier.”

The OS is being designed as an potential alternative to Android, which seems somewhat bizarre given Motorola’s success with the Google software.

Apple’s rich media and applications group leader Gilles Drieu appears to be leading the charge for the new OS, becoming Motorola’s VP of software engineering.

Clues to the new OS could be obtained from Motorola’s Webtop application that runs on the soon to be released Atrix. The app splits the phone between Android and a fully fleged Firefox browser which runs when the handset is connected to its dock. Despite being reportedly sluggish it does mean that the handset essentially bridges that gap between phone and computer, meaning only one device needs to be carried.

Source: Information Week


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