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Motorola MOTOLUXE coming to the UK late February

The Motorola MOTOLUXE smartphone was announced earlier this year along with the Defy MINI and has just had its launch in the UK confirmed for late February. This Android 2.3 powered handet is a great combination of style and value, with its 4-inch touchscreen and slim, attractive build coupled and suggested price of around £250.

With its single core 800MHz processor, the Motorola MOTOLUXE isn’t going to be aimed at the power user, though it does offer some more advanced features such as an 8-megapixel camera for photographs and a respectable WVGA screen.

Android Gingerbread in tow, Motorola are also including their own customisation to the OS with their Social Graph and Activity Graph. You can see the latter illustrated in the picture above with the apps used most often jumping to the forefront of the widgets layers. The Social Graph works in much the same way, with your most contacted contacts being most prominent and easily accessible via the widget.

With the addition of other smartphone staples such as a GPS and Wi-Fi, the Motorola MOTOLUXE should hit the mark for cost conscious users who still want some premium smartphone features. With a release at the end of the month, we should be getting one in to review shortly and in the meantime we will leave you with a video below and hands-on pics we took at CES.


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