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Motorola RAZR Developer Edition incoming, European version to ship with unlocked bootloader

Some semi-good news for those who petitioned Motorola to unlock the bootloaders of its Android phones. Motorola today announced via its Motorola Europe Facebook page that there’s Developer Edition of the RAZR in the pipeline.

Motorola the RAZR Developer Edition will be virtually the same phone as the original RAZR, but with an unlockable/relockable bootloader. For customers in Europe, the Motorola RAZR Developer Edition is available to pre-order now for €499 (roughly £417).

US-based punters are in for a wait it seems – Motorola says to keep your eyes peeled on its MOTODEV blog for news.

While it’s great that Motorola is shipping a flagship phone without a bootloader it’s a shame that it has to be an entirely different model of the RAZR.

Those who originally bought a RAZR with the intentions of rooting and ROM-ing can’t be feeling too chuffed right about now. You could always sell your existing RAZR, keep the cash and wait for the forthcoming Developer Edition, but according to what was said last year, Motorola ought to have unlocked a ‘portfolio of devices’ by now.

Wi-Fi-only versions of the original XOOM have unlocked bootloaders, but not the XOOM 2 or the XOOM 2 Media Edition at the time of writing.

Source: Motorola via Motorola Europe Facebook


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