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Motorola to deliver Ice Cream Sandwich for RAZR, Xoom within 6 weeks of code release… maybe

Motorola were quick to mention Ice Cream Sandwich at the RAZR launch event last week in Berlin, saying there would be an over-the-air update in the first half of 2012. And just a few days ago we saw that the Xoom would also be receiving the delicious treat, the only real question being “When?”

Looks like Motorola are not only committed but being aggressive about their update policy. Motorola took to Twitter yesterday to tell the world that both the RAZR and the Xoom would receive ICS “within 6 weeks of Google’s public push” of the code.

Motorola pulled the tweet soon after. A simple misunderstanding, or slip of the tweet?

It would be fantastic if this news were true, but manufacturers have had a long history of delayed Android updates, and depending on the handset, some never see updates at all. Time will tell if Motorola and the other manufacturers will provide speedy updates this time around. Perhaps Ice Cream Sandwich will give them a chance to turn over a new leaf? Make sure you have some salt to hand just in case.

Thinking about picking up a Motorola RAZR when it lands? Curious what you might be missing out on in Ice Cream Sandwich? Take a look at some of our favourite new features.

Source: Android Central


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