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Motorola wins best press launch ever for Moto E 4G

We’ve just taken delivery of the Motorola Moto E 4G in spectacular fashion, with the most original ‘launch event’ ever.

Motorola promised us a special delivery today and it delivered in spades, by cramming a full phone launch into a tiny box. Rather than drag us out to a secret location to reveal its new Moto E 4G, Motorola sent these boxes out to journalists across the UK, which fold out into a miniature stage complete with a mini Moto President, Rick Osterloh, in cardboard form.

Check out our hands-on Moto E 4G review

By following the emblazoned link to, you can listen to the real Rick talking about the Moto E 4G, the $119/£109 follow-up to last year’s Moto E, which now packs full LTE support. The phone itself was tucked away behind the stage and we’re already having a play, so expect our full hands-on review soon.

The Moto E 4G leaked online just yesterday but now it’s officially a thing, packing a 4.5-inch screen, 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and full LTE support as expected. It should happily last a full day thanks to the 2,390mAh battery and there’s a 5-megapixel snapper – which you can once again launch with just a twist of your wrist – plus a basic front-facer.

Android Lollipop is the OS of choice, with very little tinkering from Motorola. And you can add a fresh, bold splash of colour to the handset whenever you like, thanks to the bundled snap-on borders.

Check out our full hands-on Moto E 4G review. The Moto E 4G will be available soon from $119, and while that price sadly doesn’t translate to under £100 here in the UK, it’s still a snip at £109 (cheaper than rival value 4G phone the Huawei Ascend P7).


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