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Motorola Xoom WiFi gets price cut at Dixons. Down to £479.99, before it’s even on sale.

The Motorola Xoom, the first Android 3.0 tablet to hit the UK has had its price cut- before it’s even been released.

Dropping from £499.99 to £479.99, we’re not sure if this is competitive pricing from Moto, Dixons getting a better handle on pricing, or even cold feet, but the 32GB model will be going up against the brand new (previously sold out) iPad 2 on launch.

The Xoom does have a few tricks up its sleeve- it’s a 10.1-inch tablet with a 1Ghz dual-core processor and includes high-resolution cameras, both rear and front-facing.

It’s also able to playback 1080 HD videos, which can be output to HDMI capable screens without the need to spend more money on adapters.

Running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) it’s the first version of Google’s Android to be specifically designed for tablets, and the screen can detect up to ten different movements on the surface.

For Motorola, the main worry may be whether shoppers “looking for an iPad” know whether that the Xoom exists, and understand what it can do. The release date is still 9th April 2011- only days to go.

Via: Eurodroid


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