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Motorola’s next… RAZR? New video surfaces online of mystery Moto launch

A new video has cropped up on Motorola’s YouTube channel, advertising… well, something. The video plays out like a drug-addled nightmare in the mind of someone who hates the colour red, and has nary a shot of a phone or tablet, so we can but speculate on what it’s supposed to be advertising. Which is exactly what we’re going to do.

Let’s run through the video scene by scene: a bullet, a roller coaster, a rocket, a speedometer, a jet breaking the sound barrier, a Bugatti Veyron, a jet engine, a subway train – that’s speed. To show slimness, we’re presented with the rings of Saturn, a razor blade (hint hint), a coin, a stiletto, a playing card and a feather. In the “smarter” section of the video, there’s a brain created from lasers, mainframe computers, synapses firing, noughts-and-crosses, an origami crane and the number 42 (the answer to life, the universe and everything, Hitchiker fans). Finally, we get a look at how tough the new device will be with on-screen comparisons to a flak jacket, corrugated iron, a dam, and a diamond.

Of those images, we reckon the two that are really important are the razor blade and the lasers. The first association is obvious: Motorola’s super-popular mobile of yesteryear was the Motorola RAZR flip phone, which has been long overdue for a relaunch. The lasers in the video we’d guess are another hint at a future RAZR – one of the big selling points of the original was its laser-etched keyboard.

Finally, there’s the description under the video, “four reasons to get excited…” That might be an allusion to the faster, thinner, stronger, smarter segments in the video, or it might be a reference to the slightly too-cool-for-school spelling of RAZR (the kids, they hate superfluous vowels, you see).

Whatever it is that Motorola are pedaling in this video, we’ll find out for certain on the 18th of this month. Got theories of your own? Think you can debunk ours? Have a watch of the video below and then let us know in the comments.


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