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Mr Men come to iPhone with Mr Bump game

Earlier this year, it was announced that the famous Mr Men and Little Miss characters were being turned into iPhone games. Now the first one has gone live on the App Store, starring Mr Bump.

The game is looking to capture the iPhone casual crowd, with controls involving tilting your device left and right to make Mr Bump, well, bump  into objects travelling along a river. Why? To stop him from falling over the edge of a waterfall, of course.

Several other characters feature in the game too, and it’s fully plumbed into Game Center for high-score tables. There’s also a Facebook feature for bragging about your score. Although if we’re honest, if you’re an adult looking to gain awe and respect from your friends from playing a Mr Bump iPhone game, disappointment may lie ahead.

However, if you have kids who love the Mr Men, at 59p the game is well worth downloading.


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