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Multiplayer Infinity Blade arrives, update brings more modes, more grunts- for half price

In their third free update to big budget big baddie slash-em-up game, Infinity Blade makers ChAIR have finally brought us the muiltiplayer mode promised earlier this year. They’ve also given Infinity Blade a 50% price ‘cut’- so it’s the perfect time to download this gorgeous battler if you’re a new iPad owner.

There’s also a new survivor mode, as well as some new ‘wacky’ themed helmets, and “over two dozen” new pieces of equipment.

cHair promise new achievements to be unlocked, new leaderboards, and some surprises we’re yet to find.

The new single-player mode, Survivor, pits you against a continuous un-ending stream of opponents- no more wandering around the game for a quick scrap.

The multiplayer Arena Mode allows you to fight your friends through your iPhone or iPad’s game center. Between battles, you can upgrade your equipment (and even your character), but the battles themselves differ depending on which side you’re on.

Play as the knight, and things are pretty similar- dodge, parry and block, and then go for the counter attack.

Changes include an attack timer for the Titan (baddie), telling you how long you can attack the knight (goodie) before getting dizzy, and an attack chain showing how many attacks you have before the knight can break your attack barrage.

You can also regulate the speed and ferocity of your attacks with a gauge on the right, and a fury gauge (topping up with damage taken) will allow you to unleash a super-powered attack.

The update can be found on iTunes, or first-timers can click below to download.


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