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Music galore: 3 and Spotify join forces with a Hero

Remember today because it potentially marks the day that mobile music changed forever. This morning Spotify announced that it’s teaming up with 3 to bring you unlimited music access on an HTC Hero. If you’ve used Spotify then you’ll understand why this is a big deal and if you haven’t then we recommend you try it out.

This November you will be able to get a HTC Hero on 3 on a 24 month contract that will give you unlimited Spotify Premium for mobile and PC for just £35 per month. In addition to this great offer you will be entitled to 750 free minutes and unlimited texts, and unlimited internet browsing. There is however a sting in the tail. To take advantage of this great offer you will have to pay a one off fee of £99.

This is clearly a move designed to lure people away from their iPhones and the promise of access to the best music service on the Web may prove too strong for some to resist. Tom Newton, one of Recombu’s news ninjas, was heard to exclaim, “I’m getting a new phone at the end of the month and was going to get an iPhone. I’m very tempted to get a Hero on 3 now.”

So there you have it, the lure of having a great quality phone with Spotify access is already proving to be strong. 3 UK’s foray into this area is a bold and innovative move. A sticking point for many people will be the £99 fee, but when you consider that Spotify premium usually costs £10 per month it suddenly doesn’t look so expensive.


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