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Mysterious BlackBerry device comes back from the future: Prototype luxury 9900?

Like some bizarre future phone imagined ten years ago, this is BlackBerry, but not as we know it.

With double-indented keys, and wide capital letters emblazened across them all, this silver smartphone appeared on Chinese forum, MaxPDA, and is, according to them, an unreleased Bold 9900.

It matches the recently released BlackBerry offering with the same battery capacity, port locations and has been snapped running the new Blackberry 7 OS. That’s where the similarities seem to end; with a faux leather textured backing, bigger navi buttons and an all-chrome(ish) effect on the front and sides.

According to Engadget, the source has claimed to have already sold three of these prototypes and that the phone, apparently under the moniker of 9980, will arrive in limited numbers in stores (somewhere) brandishing a luxury diamond finish. All class.

We’re doubtful we’ll be seeing this Bizarro BlackBerry in the UK; and take these picturs with a liberal sprinkling of salt – it could just be a very brave knock-off from a Chinese manufacturer.

Via: Engadget


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