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N900 goes Android: NITDroid project coming along nicely

There’s no denying that the Nokia N900 is a powerhouse of handset, but Nokia’s antiquated attitude to operating systems has let it down. Even on Maemo, the super-OS designed for the N900, killer features like multi-tasking and even just basic phone functions were not exactly intuitive to use.

Enter Android. The NITDroid project aims to get Android fully ported to Nokia’s tablet-like handsets, including the N900. If the latest video to emerge is anything to go by then it’s well on its way. The action kicks off around one minute into the video and it shows the N900 booting up in Android mode and making and receiving a call successfully – although actually carrying voice data is still a bit of an issue. The Android-running N900 does a little better with data though; it’s able to carry out a Google search and visit a web page.

Everything is still a little bit slow and buggy, but you’ve got to admit that the Android OS really suits the hardware. So what do you think – would you rather have an N900 running Android, or an N9 rocking MeeGo? And if you already own an N900, as Engadget asks, would you go for a finished version of Android or stick with penguin-endorsed-but-dead-in-the-water Maemo?


[via Engadget]


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