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Navigate London buses with the Busmapper app on the iPhone

Busmapper is an ingenious app that allows you to navigate your way around London’s buses- a complicated tangle of routes and night buses that even locals sometimes have problems with.

Using the app itself is simple- it’ll use the iPhone GPS to detect where you are, and then you can tap where you want to be.

The app uses official bus data from Transport for London and a bit of magic, to plot several routes to get where you need to go. It’ll also give you a suggestion for how long it could take- combining how long on foot and on the bus.

Busmapper could prove very useful during next year’s Olympics for those looking to avoid the crush of the underground. Similarly,  anyone visiting London briefly would also appreciate the help navigating the bus system.

It’s the simplest and fastest bus app we’ve tested, and certainly the most useful- well worth paying for.

Busmapper still exists as a website, and if there’s sufficient demand, there could be an Android version later. Visit the site if you’d like to push for a version on your phone.


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