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Need for Speed gets Hot Pursuit on the iPhone

EA has released the latest version of its Need for Speed franchise on iPhone. And if you listen carefully, that WOOP WOOP you can hear in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is most certainly the sound of the police.

The game puts you into a series of ‘cop versions of real-world production cars’ – by which they presumably mean ‘much faster motors than your local bobby would ever get their hands on’.

The game includes a Cop Career mode where you have to work your way up the force by catching criminals, using roadblocks, spike strips and EMP locks as well as pure pursuit skills.

The game supports one-on-one local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer, and has blistering graphics optimised for iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Suffice to say, it looks very good, and from our early playtest, has the core speed+slide ingredients that have won Need for Speed a big fanbase.


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