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Neko Atsume free fish hack: Get food for nothing with the daily password

There’s a secret hidden feature in Neko Atsume that we can’t get enough of, namely the daily password that gives you bonus fish and food, for free.

This is by far the best tip for Neko Atsume players to quickly and easily boost their resources. No effort or careful placing of items is required; all you need to do is open up the News menu every day and enter the daily password.

How do you find out the Neko Atsume daily password? Well, it’s hidden away in the News section every day. Just open up the News and wait for a cat to pop up above the app store and social media links; in the grab above you can see Cream-san with the password, but it’s a different cat every time. 

The Neko Atsume passwords are random and there are five passwords to enter every week. Entering a single password will net you around 10-20 silver fish gratis. Filling up a score card with five passwords will see you get a free tin of cat food. Free silver fish and food eventually equals more gold fish and more rare cats, which is a serious result! 

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Neko Atsume free fish hack: Get food with the daily password

Most of the passwords are vaguely cat-related (‘Paw’, ‘Lingering’ and so on), while some of them might be related to things that cats might chase (‘Pigeon’) and some of them are just downright odd – today’s password for example is ‘Tokoroten’, a type of gelatinous noodle that’s popular in Japan. 

Speaking of which, unless you’re proficient in Japanese and your phone’s got a keyboard that can handle multiple languages, you’re better off switching Neko Atsume to English, especially if you’re playing on an Android phone.

While those playing on the iOS version of the game can enter the password simply by tapping on it, Android gamers will need to manually input passwords. Consider it an offset for all the great things you can do on Android now that future versions of iOS will probably incorporate

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