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New Android to be Honeycomb/Gingerbread combo

Google’s Eric Schmidt has kept pretty shtum about the exact future of Android at this years MWC keynote.

He did hint at new versions of Android “starting with an I, being named after a dessert”.
HMMMMM. I wonder. Ice Cream perhaps?

Honeycomb is designed specially for large screen devices which could lead to problems with Google’s design choices for the next Android. Whatever decisions they do make it will be important that UI enhancements on tablets don’t to appear to outdo those on tablets otherwise it is fragmentation ahoy.

According to Schmidt Android currently looks set for a six month update life-cycle although whether that exact timing will occur remains to be seen.

The Google CEO gave an exciting keynote at this years MWC, making special mention of the recent Nokia – Microsoft affair.

On the topic of Nokia’s decision to leave behind Android he explained that Google did their best to convince them and that the offer still remained open.

Nokia’s Stephen Elop said at a Q&A earlier last week that Android wouldn’t allow the company to differentiate themselves within that smartphone OS. Lets hope Windows Phone 7 does.


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