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New HTC One M8 to pack a slick new camera?

HTC has organised a big New York City event for October, which seems to be focused on camera technology. Could we be seeing an updated HTC One M8 with a brand new Duo Camera?

Just last month, HTC held a huge smartphone launch in the States for its One M8 for Windows, a near-identical spin-off of the excellent HTC One M8 Android phone that runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS instead. Well, looks like the One M8 hardware might be next in line for a refresh, as HTC announces a big event in New York City on October 8th.

And with a name like ‘Double Exposure’, it seems sensible to predict that camera tech will be the focus. 

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HTC to launch a new One M8 with better camera in October 2014?

Considering this is a full-blown media event, we’re expecting something a bit more exciting than just a new camera app or feature rolling out to existing hardware. We’re wondering if HTC has heard the clamours of ‘Ultrapixel’ Duo Camera dissenters, who were less than impressed by the 4-megapixel haziness, and decided to aim for uber-megapixels instead.

The Duo Camera is undoubtedly still a quality snapper, especially in low light conditions, but it’s a soft touch in an otherwise solid all-round package, producing photos that can’t quite match the exquisite sharpness of rivals such as the Sony Xperia Z2.

So perhaps we’ll see a version of the HTC One M8 emerge with a spangly new shooter. HTC has already abandoned the Ultrapixel branding with the HTC One Mini 2, slapping a 13-megapixel camera on that compact phone which sadly wasn’t quite a solid all-rounder. Here’s hoping that was just a warm-up for a truly remarkable flagship snapper.

In other news, Nvidia just let slip that HTC is indeed developing the latest Google tablet, the Nexus 9. Not much is known about the tablet so far, but it will apparently come with its own keyboard case, much like Microsoft’s Surface Pro.



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