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New HTC Windows Phone 7 device rumoured to have 16-megapixel camera?

HTC are rumoured to be working on a 16-megapixel camera phone, according to Pocket Now.

Perhaps even more shocking than that is, if the leaked promo video is to be believed, it’ll be a Windows Phone 7 device. Dose of salt reminder time- we have no idea where this video has appeared from, and Pocket Now aren’t saying either.

A 16-megapixel camera would double the megapixels found in current high-end smartphones, like the Nokia N8, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, and the HTC Incredible S.

Many phone manufacturers are side stepping the megapixel race, focusing on higher quality light sensors, and lens systems, like the aforementioned Xperia Arc, which comes with an Exmor light sensor, and an f2.4 lens.

We’re currently comparing two of the best camera phones on the market right now, and will be bringing you a full break-down on how the phones compare.

Pocket Now point out that the phone used, although packing a conspicuous Windows button, is very similar to the HTC Desire S.

They seem to be making a big deal of the dual-LED flash, but that’s something that’s becoming a  common feature across the majority of mid to high-range smartphones. We’re loving the Ah Ha-style video though.


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