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New iPhone app helps Aussies avoid skin cancer

Kick back, turn the heating up and pretend for a minute that you’re in Oz.

It may be winter here, but down in the southern hemisphere they’re just ramping up for a long, hot summer – hence SunSmart’s timing in releasing its first iPhone app to help Australians avoid getting stung by high ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels.

It can take just 11 minutes to get sunburnt at the height of the Australian summer (out in the bush having a barbie with Sheila, am I right?). Overexposure to UV is a major cause of skin cancer – it’s the most prevalent and preventable cancer in Australia – so it’s important to be safe in the sun. 

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t use GPS to work out where you are. Instead you choose an Australian state and a city manually and the app tells you when you need to wear sun protection.

For example, if you’re hanging out in Brisbane, QLD, today, you’ll need protecting from 7.20am to 3.50pm. (If only!) SunSmart’s app also allows you to programme reminder alerts so you don’t forget to reapply, and offers basic weather information and the maximum UV level to expect (16 in Brisbane, whatever that means).

So if you’re in for a sunny Christmas in Oz, whip out your iPhone, your sunscreen, your sunglasses and a nice hat, and don’t tell us what a lovely warm time you’re having, ok?

[via Reuters]


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