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New iPhone case gives new (literal) meaning to “mobile wallet”

The Bookbook case for iPhone is a fancy-looking leather case for iPhone 4. Following it’s success with a similar case for MacBook Air, the BookBook acts like a book, with left side dedicated to housing your iPhone, and the right available for ID, credit cards, and Boots Advantage point card. There’s also space for paper notes, receipts and other paper-based wallet detritus.

The case has been so that you;ll be able to access all the phone’s buttons and ports, and though the camera is obscured by the rustic case. If it looks relatively expensive, that’s because it is. But it is available to buy now, for $59.99 (£37).

The Bookbook case already has its own wistful promotional video on YouTube- but even that doesn’t stop us wanting one.



Via: 9to5Mac



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