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The next Kindle Paperwhite will reportedly include a new design along with a high resolution display

TechCrunch reports that Amazon is working on a new edition of the Kindle Paperweight with an even higher resolution display. According to the publication, Amazon is hoping to hit the 300 PPI mark with its next iteration of the device, which is reportedly set for a release in the second quarter of 2014.

In addition, TechCrunch says that Amazon will move away from a matte screen to one made of glass instead. As a result, the screen will be flushed with the bezels instead of being recessed into the body. Amazon may bring the design more in line with the Kindle Fire HDX line too, with TechCrunch saying that that the new Paperwhite will have a similar angular design along with a rear mounted power button.

Despite all the design changes – or maybe because of them – the new Paperwhite will be lighter than the current models. Still, the design apparently isn’t set in stone, so things may change between now and the reported release date.


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