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New leak shows incredibly huge iPad Pro

Another case for Apple’s as-yet unannounced iPad Pro has made an appearance in some leaked photos, revealing how absolutely mammoth the new tablet will be.

The leaked photos were posted to French tech blog, Nowhereelse, showing a protective case for the larger tablet measured up against a current iPad Air. And as you can see below, the size difference between the two is impressive.

Apple’s leaked case measures 306 x 223 x 7.2 millimetres (or 12 x 8.7 x 0.2 inches), pretty much confirming rumours that the iPad Pro’s screen will be over 12 inches in size. That marries up with measurements revealed by another blog, Arktis, which got hold of a different case last week.

The iPad Pro is set to feature stereo speakers on the top and bottom of the chassis and will also have dual ports on the bottom and left side of the device, though what these are for is currently unknown.

Gossip suggests the tablet will be designed akin to the current iPad Air with the same thin casing and super-slim bezels. That 7.2mm thickness means it’s only going to be a touch chubbier than the iPhone 6 Plus, which is no small achievement given the kind of tech the device is expected to pack.

Rumours point to a seriously powerful all-new processor, 3GB RAM and TouchID security, as you’d expect from a professional tablet. The iPad Pro will also rock all kinds of smart accessories, including a Surface-inspired keyboard case and a custom iPen (which would have likely had the stylus-hating Steve Jobs screaming in anger).

We’ll know more about the iPad Pro when it gets its official unveiling later in the year, possibly in October alongside the rest of Apple’s tablet upgrades. Until then, we’ll look forward to a few more leaks and plenty of gossip and hyperbole.


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