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New Motorola Moto E with 4G incoming – but where’s our Moto G 4G?

The budget-friendly Moto E from Motorola has been lauded for its slick design and nifty specs considering its cheap price, and now a 4G model is apparently on its way – but there’s still no word on the new Moto G 4G.

UPDATE: Finally, Motorola has launched the Moto G 4G in the UK! The Moto E 4G has also launched in spectacular fashion and we’ve already spent some time with the handset for our full Moto E 4G hands-on review.

An image showing what appears to be a new version of the Motorola Moto E has leaked online, with a 4G LTE logo and US carrier Verizon’s livery clearly marked on the back of the phone. Looks like the new Moto E could be officially unveiled by Motorola at an event later today, but for now information about the device is pretty thin on the ground, save for the fact that it’ll likely have a low-end Snapdragon chip in its belly.

One thing we’re expecting is that the new Moto E will sport a bigger price-tag than its 3G predecessor, which launched for just £89 – but we have all extremities crossed that Motorola can at least match that amazing price point for the 4G model.

As we saw with the launch of the new 4G LTE-enabled Moto G in Brazil, upgraded hardware equals upgraded price-tag and the new tech could see the new Moto E break the £100 barrier, which its older brother managed to stay below.

One thing we should find out, when Motorola officially takes the wraps off the device, is whether it will see a full release in the UK. While the previous version of the device has done well in blighty, there’s no guarantee we’ll get to see it any time soon. After all, we’re still waiting on the Moto G 4G 2015 to drop in the UK.

However, Motorola has promised that something will be landing in our office on Wednesday afternoon, so we’re pretty sure the Moto E 4G will be hitting UK shores in the near future.


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