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New Photoshop apps for iPad coming next month

Adobe has developed several apps, made specifically for the iPad, as well as opened up its tools to develop even more apps in the future. This follows on from Adobe’s recent presentation showing a new, deeper Photoshop running on the iPad.

Adobe hopes that developers will create applications to interact between your desktop version of Photoshop, and a companion tool/ extra workspace on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS platforms.

Adobe has started with three Photoshop apps for the iPad. The first, Adobe Color Lava is like a giant digital palette, allowing you to mix up colours on the iPad using your fingers. These colours can be transferred as swatches and themes across to your PC-based Photoshop.

Adobe Eazel allows you to fingerpaint. Well, it promises to be better than that- with the ability to use Photoshops great range of realistic paint brushes and effects. Again, these masterpieces can be sent wirelessly to your computer.

Perhaps the most interesting app for Photoshop power-users is the Adobe Nav, where you’ll be able to assign Photoshop tools to the iPad screen, browse through Photoshop files and more.

These three apps are set to arrive for download on iTunes in May 2011 with prices looking to be between £1.19 and £2.99.

Via: All Things Digital


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