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The next-generation Nexus phone may support LTE

Google inadvertently leaked the next iteration in the Nexus series earlier this week, and the handset has been spotted yet again. This time it paid a visit to the FCC, a standard procedure for devices with cellular radios that need certification. Engadget says that the mystery device is known as the LG D820, with accompanying pictures in the FCC filing lining up nicely with what was spotted in Google’s KitKat video.

Look at the back plate for the phone and you’ll see a large cut out for the camera sensor, matching the handset we saw in Google’s KitKat statue video. According to the official documents, the device is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC and 5-inch display, as well as pentaband HSPA+ and a wide array of LTE bands. If this is Google’s next-generation Nexus phone, then it will be the first to support LTE. 

The phone may also be running KitKat – the latest version of Android – according to the software version that’s listed at the FCC. We still don’t know exactly what the new version of the operating system brings to the table, but we have a feeling that Google will be telling us soon enough. Expect an official announcement to come sometime in the next few weeks.



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