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Nintendo 3DS gets Android based AR cards app

We have had a Nintendo 3DS at the Recombu offices for a few days now and one things for sure, Face Raiders is the greatest game of all time.

Second is that the Augmented Reality games which ship with it come a close number two for awesomeness. They are just about the best possible way to show off the 3DS’s clever technology but lose a few gadget brownie points for the fact they require cards.

Enter the 3DS AR Cards app for Android, which allows you to get a double tech whammy by showing of a 3DS and a phone at the same time.

It is a free app and a must have download for those planning to pick up one of the consoles on Friday.

For those who have an iPhone you could simply take a picture of the card. We just tested it and as long as you get the whole of the card in, without shadow, it will work.

Pic below got it working for us



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