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Nintendo 3DS hands-on gallery

3DS games cartridges have a little tab on the side so you can’t stick them in older DS consoles. You can file them off..but it doesn’t work

The 3DS has dual screens, the bottom is touch sensitive and the console includes a stylus to control it. The top is the first ever glasses free 3D screen. Both are equally as amazing.

The home button placed in between select and start is used to suspend gameplay so and bring up the 3DS menu. From there you can select various applications like the camera and StreetPass

An analogue stick was a welcome addition to Nintendo’s portable range. The flat-style stick is responsive and perfect for games like PilotWings. The traditional d-pad is also included so you can get the most out of side scrollers and fighting games

The 3DS has a slightly larger top screen than bottom at 3.43″. The touch sensitive screen is 2.42″. Resolution of the 3D display is also higher with 800 x 240 glasses free gaming.

The 3DS stylus is buried in the top of the console (the black notch at the top) and feels like it won’t fall out. Cartridges slide in and out with a satisfying ‘click’. At the top left and right of the 3DS are shoulder pads for gaming.


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