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No more touchscreen: Control your iPhone with your mind

Using the one finger already too much of a chore? You’re in luck. Utilising some combination of the force and real science, the PLX XWave will pick up your brainwaves from the surface of your skull, then convert and send them to your iPhone or iPad.

There’s currently only a few apps available for the XWave at the moment; a set-up app to calibrate it to your brain, a music app that can “sync your brainwaves with any song in your library”, a ‘tug of mind’ app, and a meditation app.

No more details on what those last two involve, but we’d love to have mind-battles over our phones in the Recombu office to see who has to make the next round of tea…

Set to cost around £63 ($100), the headset isn’t the subtlest accessory ever, and we would have hoped for something wireless- Bluetooth would’ve looked/worked better. At the moment you’ll still be holding your phone nearby, fingers at the ready, while trying to will the phone with your brain.

Check the video below. Yes, it’s real.

Via; CBS


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