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Nokia 105 Preview

Nokia might have lost ground in the high-end smartphone market to Samsung and Apple, but it still has a huge share of the featurephone market and the Nokia 105 looks to increase this further.

Announced at MWC the 105’s candybar design is unmistakably Nokia, available in black or blue with a dust and splashproof numerical keyboard, four-way controller and 1.45-inch colour screen.

Who remembers playing Snake in the 2000’s? Well the Nokia 105 is equipped with five more games, which we are hoping will be equally addictive. Other features include an FM radio, speaking clock and five alarms, but to keep the price down there’s no browser, WiFi, 3G connection or camera.

Nokia 105 cyan and black

If you’re fed up of your smartphone battery dying at the end of the day, the Nokia 105 promises 35 days standby time, making it a great choice for festivals or holidays – anywhere you don’t fancy taking your expensive smartphone. Priced around €15 (approximately), even if you’re happy with your phone, the Nokia 105 is cheap enough to buy and leave in the car for emergencies.

Set to launch at the end of March, we’re still awaiting UK pricing and availability for the Nokia 105, but we’re very keen to try it out. Until then check-out the video below or our Nokia Lumia 105 hands-on.





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