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Nokia 5310 Review


A slim candybar phone with dedicated music keys and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The Nokia 5310 is available for free on monthly contracts and on pay as you go.

What we like
The 5310’s slim design means it will fit in almost any pocket and while some people won’t appreciate its simple design, we did. The keypad is good for texting and we really like the addition of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Adding music to the 5310 is easy using Nokia’s PC suite. You can also buy the 5310 with Nokia’s Comes With Music service that offers unlimited music downloads for a one off payment.

The dedicated music keys on the casing are really useful as it means you can skip tracks or play and pause music without having to fiddle around with any menus. Audio quality is acceptable but not as crisp as an iPod, for example. There aren’t many features on the 5310 but the interface is very straightforward to use. You can display important info on the homescreen such as notes, calendar reminders and music info, which we found useful.

What we don’t like
There’s no 3G or Wi-Fi so don’t expect to browse the Web quickly on the 5310, and there’s no GPS so that rules out sat-nav software. The 2-megapixel takes mediocre pictures and there’s no LED photo light or flash.

The 5310’s keypad and screen are plasticky and didn’t impress us. We wonder why Nokia didn’t make it more like the 6300 that has proved to be a bestseller. A bit of metal and glass could have taken this phone a long way.

Although there’s a microSD slot that supports up to a 16GB card, which is great, hardcore music fans may find they need more space and won’t be able to add it.

If you’re looking for a simple music phone then this is it. A slim design, 3.5mm headphone jack and straightforward music interface offer a genuinely compelling experience if you’re on a budget. Avoid this if you’re an audiophile.




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