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Nokia 6300 Review


Nokia‘s 6300 is a no-nonsense, no-frills handset that does what it says on the tin. Its traditional, unfussy exterior will appeal to those who want their phone to be a phone first, and everything else second.

What we like
We love how unpretentious the 6300 is. The design of the Nokia 6300 is beautifully conventional. Its stainless steel and glossy plastic jacket lends it a crisp, desirable feel and the numeric keypad and menu keys are straightforward and simple to use. The screen is bright and boasts a sharp display.

The menu layout is very straightforward and doesn’t take long getting to grips with. It’s not so low-tech that things such as custom wallpapers and ringtones can’t be added for an element of personalisation. There’s even a 2-megapixel camera and microSD card slot to boot.

What we don’t like
OK, we got a bit carried away with how much we love simplicity, the 2-megapixel is a bit prehistoric when compared to 5 and 8-megapixel camera phones available today, and it doesn’t come with a flash. There’s no GPS, no 3G and no Wi-Fi, in other words this is a very basic phone.

You will at some point in your life know at least 3 people who own or have owned a Nokia 6300. It’s popular because it works and we love it — this is one of Nokia’s finest phones to date. If you want a low-cost phone that’s reliable and robust, and you’re not bothered about all the extras then this is a great phone that we highly recommend. 




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