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Nokia 6303 Classic Review


We reckon that for every gadget fan that wants a high-end smart phone there are ten people that want a phone that just makes calls and sends text messages. The Nokia 6303 is a phone designed for those ten people. Read our review to find out more.

What we like
We dropped the 6303 several times by mistake and it didn’t seem bothered at all. Not only is it a tough little phone it also looks great and comes in a satisfying metal casing that protects it and adds a touch of class.

The screen is small but fine for reading text messages off and we love the 6303’s keypad that offers enough space and definition to type on quickly. Equally efficient is the 6303’s camera that isn’t very advanced but takes better pics than the 6300’s camera and includes an LED photo light.
Our favourite feature by far though it the addition of a standard headphone jack so that you can use your own headphones to listen to music or the FM radio.

What we don’t like
Although we like the 6303 a lot it isn’t very different to its predecessor, the 6300. We understand Nokia has kept things simple to keep the price down but 3G would have been nice. We also noticed a few scratches on the screen and would recommend not carrying it in the same pocket you carry your change in — yes, we know that wasn’t sensible but these things happen.

There isn’t much we don’t like about the 6303. It’s a simple phone with simple ambitions and Nokia has added a few extras that make that little bit better than its predecessor, in particular a 3.5mm headphone jack. 3G would have been nice but we like the rest of it a lot so give it a thumbs up if you’re looking for a basic phone that delivers a good texting and calling experience.




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