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Nokia 6500 Slide Review


The 6500 Slide is one half of two new Nokia handsets, the other being the 6500 Classic. Both phones are more or less identical but the 6500 Slide is slightly more specced-up than its counterpart.

What we like
The Nokia 6500 Slide comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and an LED photo light – all performing well relative to other camera phones. The music player application supports a range of the most common formats (MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC and WMA) and boasts decent sound quality, and there’s a built-in FM radio if you get fed up of your own music. Storage-wise, the 6500 slide has a microSD card slot that is upgradeable up to 8GB.

What we don’t like
We’re not huge fans of the Nokia 6500 Slide’s design. The handset feels bulky and heavy in your hand and it will eat up your precious pocket space. The 6500 Slide’s screen is also difficult to see in bright light, which is annoying.

It’s not stylish and it doesn’t offer as much as the Nokia N95 but it is solid. If you’re looking for a slider that can take a bit of a beating then this is it. The Nokia 6500 isn’t that expensive so bargain-hunters may approve but bear in mind that it’s not a pretty phone at all.




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