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Nokia 800 poses for a quick photo (again)

If you’re rooting for Nokia at all then the start of Nokia World tomorrow is probably an early Christmas, and you usually get to open one present on Christmas Eve, right?

The Next Web have scored some spy spots of at least one of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phones. Unsurprisingly, it looks like what we’ve come to expect: an N9 with a Windows logo.

We’ve heard in the past that there will be multiple handsets from Nokia, and TNW seems to believe that there will be two handsets, the Sea Ray and the Sabre. What we see above is the Sea Ray, otherwise known as the Nokia 800 (aka the Lumia 800), while the Sabre is supposed to be a smaller handset. The information sits nicely with what we’ve seen from previous leaks and rumours.

Both phones are expected to be running Windows Phone 7.5, Mango, and launch tomorrow at Nokia World. Stay tuned for our coverage from the event.

Source: The Next Web


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