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Nokia 808 Pure View: Hands-on video

It’s easy to scoff at the Nokia 808 Pure View and write that 41-megapixel sensor off as pure overkill. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it though; the camera and the video camera apps come with some great features. We were able to get a demo of the Nokia 808 Pure View from one of Nokia’s staff who were on hand at Mobile World Congress 2012.

We like that there’s automatic and basic scene modes that let you quickly take casual shots as well as the ability to do some tinkering with exposure, white balance, sensitivity (ISO). Standard stuff for sure for camera phones for sure, but there’s something about the simplicity of the Nokia 808 Pure View’s camera layout that we really like. You’ve got the ability to save three custom photo ‘scenes’ of your own as well.

We like the new zooming gesture which lets you zoom in and out by touching any area of the screen, not just a slider at the edge of the screen.

This is a feature that you get with the video camera app as well, allowing you to effortlessly zoom in on something in the background – like someone’s mouth – while you’re recording. Very clever stuff; we can’t wait for our review model to turn up. Who said Symbian was dead?

For a close-up look at the rest of the Nokia 808 Pure View from all angles, have a look at our hands-on pics from earlier.


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