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Nokia and Microsoft: a return to form

Nokia might not get things right in the OS dept, but hardware they most definitely can do. The N8 has an absolutely crazy good camera stuck on the back and pretty much unparalleled smartphone battery life. Better still is the handset’s solid and sturdy design which is almost Apple-tastic in terms of build.

The rise of Android and the iPhone has led to many of us almost altogether forgetting the legendary hardiness of Nokia handsets. But now, thanks to the Nokia/Microsoft union, we may finally see a return to form for the manufacturer. We already know that Windows Phone 7 sales are on the rise, and I can’t think of an OS slicker or smoother that is better suited to Nokia’s design.

Samsung have done some brilliant super AMOLED work with WP7, but as of yet the majority of handsets remain relatively plasticky, with cameras not even close to that which Nokia can deliver.

Consider Motorola’s fate; without Android the company was headed for some serious sales trouble. Then along came the Droid, an incredibly popular handset out in the US. Now the company is spearheading Android’s Honeycomb tablet campaign, while being amongst the first to release a dual-core handset. I can only hope the same will happen for Nokia who have long deserved a return to form.

The once great mobile innovator needs to do something special with WP7 if it is going to put itself back on the map. The OS has already proved itself as more than capable with gaming and social media, two of Nokia’s previous biggest shortcomings. With Ovi Maps included on WP7 and Xbox live’s gaming prowess, whatever Nokia comes up with next is pretty much destined to be good.


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