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When budget goes bad: Why you shouldn’t buy the Nokia Asha 503 (Video)

When we review phones we always consider their merits, who they’re for and appreciate that some people are on a tight budget. Some people just want a £100 phone. 

If we didn’t consider this, then every phone that wasn’t an iPhone, a Galaxy S whatever or an HTC One would get two stars for being small, low-res and crappy. 

Even with that in mind, we really tried hard to love the Nokia Asha 503. It’s not meant to be a world-beating smartphone. We get that. But even those after a budget phone should definitely look elsewhere. 

When budget goes bad: Why you shouldn’t buy the Nokia Asha 503 (Video)
You get what you pay for: Get something better than the Asha 503 for the same money

While the Asha 503 isn’t great what’s really surprising its the cost for one SIM-only. For roughly the same money you could get the Nokia Lumia 520, which is much better. 

Nokia’s Lumia range is varied enough to cater for those who want a high-end phone with an amazing camera and those who want a good smartphone experience without breaking the bank. 

The Nokia Black update sees all Windows Phone 8 Lumia phones benefit from things like the Nokia Camera app, a feature which has trickled down from the high end PureView phones

In this day and age, you can get decent touchscreen phones for peanuts. Phones that offer a solid navigation experience, whether its Google Maps or Nokia’s HERE Maps. Phones with an OK web browser, a library of useful and and cheap (or free) games. Sadly, the Asha 503 is none of them. 

In our video review we list the shortcomings of the Nokia Asha 503 and reason why you shouldn’t sell yourself short because you’ve only got £100-odd to spend. Read our full review of the Asha 503 here


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