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Nokia C1 Android phone: In a nutshell

Nokia’s first new phone in yonks, the Nokia C1, has leaked in photos. So what specs and features can we expect from the C1 when it launches in 2016?

Nokia C1: Design

The Nokia C1 looks like a neat and attractive mid-range smartphone, with a metallic backing that stretches around the edge of the handset, right to the rim. That silver backing and edging reminds us of old Huawei phones and also a scaled-down Nokia N1 tablet, which is hitting the UK imminently. The Nokia C1’s 5-inch screen stretches nicely from edge to edge, with chunky bezels above and below the display.

Nokia C1: Specs and features

That 5-inch screen is expected to sport Full HD visuals and we’d hope for nothing less, now that phones like the Voda Smart Ultra 6 come packing 1080p visuals. It looks like Android 6.0 is on board from the screenshots, although that will likely be updated by the time the Nokia C1 is officially launched.

There’s also word that the Nokia C1 packs an Intel Atom processor, which is fine by us – the Atoms are power-efficient and more than capable of running the latest mobile games.

So far that’s all we know, with other details very thin on the ground.

Nokia C1: UK price and release date

The Nokia C1 is expected to launch in the UK in 2016, when Nokia’s agreement with Microsoft comes to an end. No word on a possible price just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.


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