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Nokia E6-00 pictures leaked

Just as the Nokia E7 starts shipping, images of the Nokia E6 have surfaced. Like the E7 is comes with a full Qwerty keypad, but one that’s stretched across a BlackBerry-esque chassis, as opposed to a slide-out style design.

The E6’s screen isn’t of the touch vareity either but is rumoured to boast VGA resolution. If it features Nokia’s ClearBlack technology as well then that’s going to be one helluva sharp screen.

Camerawise, the Nokia E6 is rumoured to have more in common with it’s E7 cousin – 8-megapixels and dual LED flash. That’s what the pictures (leaked to Engadget) suggest anyway.

No word on whether or not the Nokia E6 will support HD video recording, or even if these pics are of the genuine article.

At the moment it’s looking like the E6 is an upgrade of the popular Nokia E5. We’ll go out on a limb here and say that mobile email will be at the forefront of this phone’s features. Come Mobile World Congress we imagine we’ll have a better idea of that the E6 will have to offer.


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