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Nokia E7: Coming soon on Three Mobile

Nokia’s long-awaited business-centric E7 looks to nearing these shores, with Three Mobile announcing that they’ll be stocking the Finnish giant’s latest smartphone.

The Nokia E7 borrows more than a little from the older N8’s style book, albeit slightly thicker, in order to house the slide-out keyboard.

We had a brief hands-on play recently, and we liked how the keyboard pulls out to create a laptop-esque angle with the screen. Unlike some other qwerty keyboard-packing smartphones, you don’t need to dislocate the phone’s hinge to achieve this.

It won’t get the highly-praised 12-megapixel camera seen on the Nokia N8, but there is a more than respectable eight-megapixel camera with flash, hopefully packing some of the technology that made the N8 such a great little snapper.

We were impressed by the video quality, both on the phone’s screen, and when ported to a HDTV through HDMI; the frame-rate was silky smooth.

With the ageing Symbian^3, we’re not sure how well it’ll stand up against the multi-talented Android and Apple phones. Come back for our full review in the next few weeks to see how we think it fares.

Details on pricing and tariffs when we hear it.

Check our hands-on pics here.


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