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Nokia E7 ships today: Qwerty-toting, fast-typing Symbian

If you were one of the early birds who pre-ordered the Nokia E7 last month, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s started shipping today.

The long-anticipated business smartphone with a full Qwerty keypad which, from what we’ve seen, will allow you to power through emails, texts and Facebook updates at a merry old clip.

For all those times when you don’t want or require that big old keypad, there’s that 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen to type on. We just hope that by the time the Nokia E7 arrives they’ll have got portrait mode for Swype sorted.

Aside from being big and bold, the screen also comes with Nokia’s ClearBlack technology, which allows for better performance in sunlight, sharper contrasts and better legibility overall.

Nokia Conversations reports that the Nokia E7 is shipping for “around €495”. Bit of a kick in the pants for those who pre-ordered it for €600 then.

No idea how this will break down after taxes or network subsidy though – Vodafone hasn’t updated its E7 page since we saw it crop up on Coming Soon a while back.

In the meantime you can check out this video, where designer Shunjiro Eguchi explains how he found inspiration for the E7 in a pomegranate. Not an Apple or a BlackBerry then?


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