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Nokia holds art auction where social influence is the currency

In what could well be a world first, Nokia’s #100aires art auction, held in East London yesterday, let attendees bid on pieces based on their Klout social score.

630s top down

Chances are if you spend any significant amount of time on the internet each day, part of it is occupied by tending to your digital crop of social networks – sharing your dinner on Instagram, liking friends’ holiday snaps on Facebook or simply tweeting about how you share a continued disappointment in British sports teams and figures at the moment.

boxing photo Plaque Klout scores

All of the actions and connections made in your time spent sharing, posting and creating content on social networks can be quantified in Klout’s eyes – a company who’s built its business on your social presence online. Nokia (read: Microsoft) and Klout decided to team up for the UK launch of the Nokia Lumia 630, which saw independent artists exhibit their work at a unique auction in East London.

art goers at #100 aires  Performance art

The #100aires gallery featured work from independent London artists, art graduates and up and coming new talent, including performance artists creating works live at the event. Each item up for grabs came with a coloured sticker, reflected by plaques on the walls denoting each colour’s worth in terms of Klout social score. Nokia even handed a few Lumia 630s out to artist before the event so they could customise, paint and pattern their own unique styles onto each of the devices.

wall of art Stepped display Klout sign in

Take a shine to something? A simple tweet with the appropriate hashtags and a bid is made. Nokia will be sorting through the bidders and awarding pieces to the winning social scores accordingly at the end of the week.

Painted 630s

What do you think about the concept? Do you put a value on your social interactions, would you perform tasks on social networks as payment for something over money? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also don’t forget to check out our Nokia Lumia 630 review, right here.


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