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Nokia introduce Asha line of budget phones

Things have kicked off at Nokia World, and the first catch of the day is the Asha line of budget phones.

The Asha 200, 201, 300, and 303 all run Symbian S40 across a variety of form factors such as QWERTY and full touch.

The Asha 200 has a full QWERTY with touch screen, and supports multiple SIM cards. The Asha 201 is similar but without the dual SIM option.

The Asha 300 (pictured above) drops the QWERTY keyboard for a regular dialpad, has a capacitive touchscreen, and 1Ghz processor.  The 303 is again similar but with a QWERTY keyboard.

All the Asha devices will have a browser that will compress data by up to 90%, saving money on data charges and theoretically on battery too.


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