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Nokia launches mega-cheap and fully-featured Lumia 530

Nokia’s latest Lumia, the Lumia 530, is its most affordable yet but still comes packing the latest Windows Phone 8.1, with Cortana voice assistant.

Nokia has just launched yet another affordable Lumia, this time the sub-€100 Lumia 530, which still packs some impressive features considering its bargain basement price tag. Not only do you get full Windows Phone 8.1, the latest version of the colourful live tiles OS, but also a 5-megapixel camera and Nokia’s iconic uber-bright changeable cases (orange, green, and the boring white and grey of course), just like the similarly cheap Lumia 630 and Lumia 635.

Nokia launches cheap new Lumia 530 with Windows Phone 8.1 here's the full UK specs, release date and price info

We’re expecting the Lumia 530’s 4-inch display will be low-res and not quite as colourful as more premium Nokia models, but it should do the job nicely for web browsing and other simple tasks. It’s good to see a 5-megapixel camera on board too, backed up by Nokia’s Camera app, which gives you full manual control.

Inside you’ll find a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor and presumably bugger-all storage, but at least you get 15GB of OneDrive online storage, and a microSD memory card slot to expand.

But best news is that the Lumia 530 comes with the latest Windows Phone, straight out of the box. That means you get all the latest features, including the Action Centre and the helpful Cortana voice assistant – at least, you will do when she arrives in the UK, which should be in just a couple of weeks.

The Lumia 530 essentially sounds like a slightly stripped-back version of the already-cheap £89 Lumia 630. The quad-core processor has been knocked back to a dual-core effort, the 4.5-inch screen is now a more compact (and possibly lower-res) 4-incher, and we’re also expecting a smaller battery. Of course, if you want a Lumia with 4G support, you’ll need to look elsewhere, to the Lumia 635.

We’re guessing the Lumia 530 will be more of a hit in developing markets, especially give the dual-SIM version, which usually proves particularly popular in parts of Asia.

Expect to see the Nokia Lumia 530 in stores globally for around €100 from August 2014.


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